Imagina is a convention about digital images, founded in 1986.
Imagina became a famous rendez vous for all 3D designers of the industry, architecture or video games editors.

When we search for it; Imagina is now a convention for dentists! (
Indeed, MonacoMediax in charge of the event specialised the theme around 3D technologies for dental care.
INA keeps track of the previous editions up to year 2000.

By that time the award PIXEL-INA was attributed in different categories:
(Toy Story 2 won the Grand Prix Imagina in 2000)

  • Art: works with a strong artistic content and outstanding aesthetic originality.
  • Schools & Universities : works by students.
  • Cinema/television special effects : cinematographic works or videograms incorporating visual or special effects made with computer graphics or advanced digital processing techniques.
  • Fiction (short films and feature films): works with a clear narrative structure.
  • Credits and channel logos : credit and logo sequences made using computer graphics.
  • Games (intros and kinematics): only game intros and kinematics.
  • Theme parks : works specially made for theme parks.
  • Advertising: commercials made using computer graphics techniques.
  • Animation series: a pilot or episode of a series.
  • Science (simulation, visualisation, research):
  • Music Video: music-based clips incorporating computer graphics or special effects sequences.

Some information can found here but the web site looks pretty much outdated.

There is a Youtube channel, but the latest post seems to be from a year ago:

Imagina web site is now redirected to Imagina dental. If any intel on the situation, please hit us on the tipline.

A pity for all Digital Art fans. Thanksfully shows like Trojan Horse was a Unicorn is raising!

Footnote: the featured image is the homepage of the INA website


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