Well, I was quite impressed by his illustrations and concept arts on the Wacom gallery.
David Smit was kind to take of his time to answer our interview.

David is a professional freelance artist that worked previously at Crytek, the Video Game developer (known in particular for its Crysis sequel) as Senior Concept Artist. The featured illustration is concept an Art made in 2011 for Crytek.

Among its customers we can cite Adidas, Crytek, Guerilla Games …
Below was an advertisement made for Adidas.

For his illustrations and Concept Art, David uses Photoshop Creative Cloud , together with paint tool SAI and pencil & paper. He Studied Art at School (Utrecht School of Art) and then transposed his art into the digital world.
You can watch examples the way he makes drawings from Pencil for Digital on his blog http://funkycolor.tumblr.com/.
David, a born Dutchman lived in different countries, such as Vietnam, Hungary and now resides in Berlin, Germany (Known as a place to be for Creativity).
As you can see below, his work can be quite different and it’s still changing.

He likes to explore new things, and visual development really gets his interests peaked. He loves drawing innocent things. They don’t have to be childish, just not very aggressive or epic.




Name David Smit
Profession Professional illustrator
Tools Adobe Creative Cloud,paint tool SAI and pencil&paper
Work advertisements, illustrations, concept arts …
Website http://www.davidsmit.com



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