iPad is not a tool for creative people. That’s a common idea in the design world (and outside of it). That may be different with the work of Andrew Harrison.
Andrew is a self-taught Artist based in Lancaster, UK. He has no formal training but many years of drawing as a child. His main inspiration comes from music, science fiction films and the comic 2000 AD.

The painting Proserpine by Dante Gabriel Rossetti and the model Jane Morris with the red hair quite inspired him .So really hence the details and woman in his present work.
He works at the technology school Essa Academy where every student teacher gets an iPad.
He got into digital art via the Apple iPad using the Brushes App a few years ago now. He has also used sketch club App and sketchbook Pro App. He just upgraded to the new iPad Air.He also uses a Samsung Galaxy note using the S. Pen feature and sketch book Pro on Android. The work of Andrew is not sold through the commercial field, it is mainly privately via Fine Art America or the word of mouth. He also makes oil and acrylic paintings on commission.

The featured illustration is a geisha, inspired by the movie Blade Runner, made with Brushes App on the iPad 2. On top of it below he shows how he designed it (the music is also written by him).


Another great artwork is Jeremy Brett actor who played fantastically (maybe the best?) the role of Sherlock Holmes in a TV series The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. It was originally drawn on a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet then imported again into Brushes and the shoulders redrawn.

Harrison - Sherlock Holmes (Jeremy Brett)
Andrew Harrison – Sherlock Holmes (Jeremy Brett)


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