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Infinite Crisis – “What Do You Fight For?” Official Trailer

Infinite Crisis - What Do You Fight For Official Trailer - Img4

Infinite Crisis is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) in free to play that includes fast-paced combats, simplified RPG mechanics, places and iconic characters of the DC universe. The good and villains characters are well rendered. For all fans of the DC Universe this is  a must see. The video game is produced by Warner Interactive and…

Interview – Andrey Mikhalenko Computer Graphics Art

Tavern - Andrey Mikhalenko - Digital Art

Andrey Mikhalenko is a student from Belarus, now leaving in Vitebsk, but his hometown is Kostukovichi. He is studying Interior Design at Vitebsk. For his Art Andrey uses in 2D software Photoshop CS6, also CorelDraw 4. About the 3D software he handles 3DS Max, Zbrush, marvelous designer and Coat 3D. His main purpose in drawing Art is to convey…

A painting from Auguste Renoir digitally remastered

Madame Léon Clapisson - Auguste Renoir - Screen Capture of the montage realised by "

The conservators of the Art Institute of Chicago remastered digitally Madame Léon Clapisson, painted by Auguste Renoir (in 1883). The wanted to know why the painting was altered over the years. The New York Time Magazine created a full montage to spot the differences. More information about the mistery at the New York Times page: “How…

Digital Walk throught the streets of Marseille

Night Walk in Marseille by Google - 3

Start your walk by night of the streets of Marseille. You can explore the sounds and soul of Marseille in this immersive digital walk made by Google. The walk will guide you through hotspots in Marseille like the basilica Notre Dame de la Garde named by the Marseillais la bonne mère (“the good mother”). Screenshots of…

Interview: Nicolas Baillargeon Art Director

NAPA AUTOPRO - Road Ends - Nicolas Baillargeon

Nicolas Baillargeon works full-time as an art director for an advertising agency in Montreal making 360, print, web, TV and radio campains. Right now Nicolas employs his talent at Saint- Jacques Vallée Y & R. At home Nicolas  still keeps his Photoshop CS4 version where at the office he plays with the CS6 version. He has seen  minor…

Virtual Downhill skiing of a slope

Virtual Downhill skiing of a slope Lioran - Cpt7

Made by Kalkin, specialised in geolocation here is the Virtual Downhill skiing of slopes of the Lioran. They made the reconstruction using CG of the Ski Station Lioran (France).  3D Skiing “Pas des Alpins” and “Family” modeled with their infrastructure. Digital terrain model provided by CRAIG. Screenshots of the “slopes”:

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