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The portraits of Monika Gross (aka MoshPain)

Johnny Depp by MoishPain

Monika is a hobbyist with plenty of talent. She enjoys drawing people and making illustrations for children books. [YourCavern Blog] Are you using Photoshop, if yes which version? Any other illustration tool please let me know. [Monika] I mostly paint in CS6 and Paint Tool Sai. [YourCavern Blog] Are you a professional artist? [Monika] I’m a…

Light Motif by Frédéric Bonpapa

Light Motif by Frédéric Bonpapa - Img 1

A Vimeo Staff Pick: Light Motif has been designed as a visual transposition of  music. The goal of the film is to capture the music that can be “seen”. Frédéric Bonpapa is a Filmmaker / CG Artist based in London. Light Motif: where music can match images …. Producer / Director / Editor / CG Supervisor: Frédéric Bonpapa Music: Steve Reich…

Greetings card of Monsieur K

Greetings card of monsieur K - Img 3

Monsieur K is a 3D design studio based in Paris ( Here is their greetings cards, all in 3d! What an original idea! Their website in unfortunaely only in french but nevertheless full of display of their work. The Greetings Card:

The art of Jaroslaw Marcinek

Resistance by Yar0

Jaroslaw is a 34 yars old guy from Szczecin in Poland. He has been working as a freelancer doing illustrations, comics and 2D game arts for about 8 years. In his daily work he is  using Photoshop CS6 , GIMP 2.8 and oldie but goodie Wacom Intuos 3 tablet. He designs all his work digitally…

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