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Conversation with Anna Dittmann, her Art, her Style.

Elsa - Anna Dittmann

Anna Dittmann is a talented freelancer living in the US. She draws amazing portraits. Now, we are going to talk more about Anna, and her love for nature. [YourCavern Blog] Are you a professional artist? [Anna Dittmann] For the past three years, I’ve been freelancing part-time. I’m still starting out and so far I’ve found…

Augmented Reality: The Gravity Tool – 3D sketching

Gravity Pad - Augmented Reality - Cpt1

Gravity is a tool for creatives to quickly sketch their ideas in 3D space using immersive augmented reality. A pen and a pad specifically designed for sketching in the augmented environment. Free from any screen or computer, Gravity allows to focus on what really matters, developing ideas in an intuitive way. As you start to…

Artist Interview: Mehdi Kanissi Graphic Designer

Mehdi Kanissi - Portrait 3

Mehdi Kanissi is a Graphic Designer living in Oujda, in Morocco. The first impression of Mehdi and the word that will define him is spirit. For a student of 20 years old he already has a prolific Facebook and Behance page, with many followers. Lets now be more familiar with his art … [YourCavern Blog]…

God of War 3 – Kratos vs Hercules

God of War 3 - Kratos vs Hercules - Cpt5

In this video the development studio Santa Monica offers its version of God fights with Hercules against Kratos. Hercules is the jealous brother of Kratos success.  When Kratos is made god of war, Hercules is not really happy of cleaning the Augean stables See below video: Screen captures of Kratos vs Hercules video:

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Trailer

Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor Cpt6

The new excursion into the world of Lord of the Rings is an opportunity to explore the Mordor. The tour will start on October 7th. What do you think about the main character design? Screenshots of the trailer:

Interview of Adrian Lawrence – Art director and Designer

Challenger , Balloon - Adrian Lawrence

Adrian Lawrence is an art Art Director at  design and vfx company in Sydney called Fin design. He explains his work and how he perceives the digital world. [YourCavern Blog] Are you using Photoshop, if yes which version? Any other illustration tool please let us know. [Adrian Lawrence] Yes I use Photoshop, pretty much on a…

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