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Making of Ghost In the Shell

Making of the tribute of Ghost in the shell - making of 2501 - Img 8

The making of Ghost In the Shell is a tribute to MASAMUNE SHIROW, the writter the of the cyberpunk manga Ghost In the Shell and  MAMORU OSHII, the director of the anime film. What a tribute for the guys who worked on it during their free time! Very impressive work by experts in 3D: Chris…

Real-time Face Tracking and Projection Mapping Transform a Model’s Face

Real-time Face Tracking and Projection Mapping Transform a Model's Face - Img 6

The artist Nobumichi Asai has created a system enabling real-time changes of a human face. The technologies used is called “Real Time Face Tracking” and “projection mapping”, the traits of the face are stored before being modified using projectors which adapt to the movement of the subject. The full system is called OMOTE. Screenshots of the…

Marco Nogueira, 3D generalist artist and dedicated student

Marco Nogueira - Space cadet

Marco may make jealous many of us:  he lives close by of the Maracanã Stadium Fans of football or not here we love 3D and will talk about his views about his passion and work. [YourCavern Blog] Are you a professional artist? [Marco Nogueira] I’m not a professional 3D character artist yet, but I’m studying very…

The THU tribute – Finding your magic is an inside Job

THU Manifesto - Finding your magic is an inside Job - Img 1

Here is the Manifesto of Trojan Horse was a Unicorn. THU is a gathering of great artists such as Animators, Game Developers, Concept Artists from all over the world. The 2014 event is actually taking place in Portugal until the 20th of September 2014. This year more than 500 professionals & students will take part to this more…

Core experimental short film

Core from Selburning - Img 8

Core is an experimental short film made by 2 Russian guys. Design and animation Selfburning. Sound design Alexey Devyanin. Official sites: Screen captures of the short film:

Valiant Hearts The Great War: Anna

Valiant Hearts The Great War Anna - Img 3

Meet Anna in this video, a dedicated nurse and one of Valiant Hearts’ playable characters, who saves many lives and keeps pressing on through the Great War. Valiant Hearts The Great War is a video game published by Ubisoft. This game, from a very creative idea (but very sad war) may be a masterpiece ……

V-Ray Film & VFX Showreel 2014

V-Ray Film & VFX Showreel 2014 - Img 9

The engine renderer V-Ray published a new showreel showcasing the work of renown studios such as Blur (Alessandro Baldasseroni works there), Method Studios, Digital Domain, Mirada, , From Software, Digital Idea, Screen Scene, , Scanline VFX, and much more. Edited by Brian Miller Music by Alex Smith You will probably recognize some movies, TV series and advertisements. Sorry, but there is nothing…

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