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Use Mir software to create a spiky shape quickly

Use Mir software to create a spiky shape quickly - Img 1

Peter Norrby made a fractal little movie. This was made while working with Trapcode Mir beta. The added value of Mir is that the rendering is quite fast. You can try the beta from here: And the tutorial: htto://

Interview: the vectors of Lysa Cervantes

Illustration 3 - Liza Cervantes

Lysa Cervantes is full of creativity making vector designs.This is quite unusual but she  enjoys vectoring with Photoshop. She prefers it over Illustrator because she feels more flexible with it. Although she love drawing characters, lately she has been focusing more on backgrounds/environments mostly due to studio work. [YourCavern Blog] Are you using Photoshop, if yes which…

Speed painting: Super Moustache – Warrior

Speed painting Super Moustache - Warrior by supermoustache - Img 10

His name I.rezig and he is only 19 years old, He is a creative Graphic Designer with 4 years of experience in Graphics, Photoshop, After effect and cinema 4d. ╔► FaceBook page |­3 ╠► Deviantart | ╚► Instagram | Some screen captures of the session:

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