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3dsense Media School 2015 Reel

3dsense Media School 2015 Reel - Img 5

The video is a compilation of 3dsense Media School students’ work for animation, digital design, motion graphics, visual effects and modeling. 3dsense Media School is a leading digital arts school in Asia. They are located in Singapore. The school has been preparing students for careers in film, games and animation for over 11 years. 3dsense alumni…

Animation: Cloudrise by Denver Jackson

Animation Cloudrise by Denver Jackson - Img 2

Cloudrise is a short animated film directed and animated by Denver Jackson. It was created in four months, from conception to completion. This is a professional short, quite breathtaking to watch. This also the making of, a must see. Synopsis: Set in a fantasy world above the clouds, Cloudrise follows a pivotal moment in the lives of…

The Fabulous Art of Blazen Monk (Furio Tedeschi)

The dark knight by Blazenmonk (Furio Tedeschi)

BlazenMonk is nothing more than the nickname of Furio Tedeschi. The Italian/South African Furio is one of the big names in the industry. Indeed his Work and Art are known worldwide. I am really proud that we can showcase his Art on this blog! Just watch the following artworks!! His favourite tools are Photoshop CS6, 3DMax and…

Animation: 1900-2000

1900-2000 Animation by supinfocom - Img 7

1900-2000 is an amazing short animation movie designed and directed by 6 students of Supinfocom: Caroline Le Duff, Gabrielle Locre, Armelle Renac, Agathe Pillot, Vivien Risser and Benoît Berthe. This is their graduation film. Synopsis: In 1900, a couple presents what they claim to be inventions from the year 2000 to the director of a cabaret. But…

2015 Macrograph Showreel 1920×1080

Macrograph showreel - Img 1

Macrograph is a “Creative Digital Contents” South Korean studio.They are based in Seoul. They provide world-class VFX/CG for the clients in the entertainment industries including gaming and film industries both domestic and abroad. They define themselves with uncompromising passion and dedication for quality in all their work, along with a high degree of technical skills. We have…

The Concept Arts of Tatiana Vetrova

Brass witch by Tatiana Vetrova

Tatiana Vetrova works as 2D artist for the gaming industry. And she loves her job! Her favourite kind of drawing is character concept art. Then fantasy illustrations. [YourCavern Blog] Explain a little about yourself, and where do you come from? [Tatiana Vetrova] I was born, live now, and I will die someday. Realized that I wanna be…

Speed painting – Journey

Speedpaint - Journey - Cubebrush - Marc Brunet - Img 6

This is a quick speed painting session of 3 minutes (accelerated time) presented by CUBEBRUSH. Three minutes does not sound much but they are actually worth to watch. Talent is there for sure. Indeed CUBEBRUSH is the Senior Character Artist Marc Brunet. He works for Blizzard Entertainment, very much known for its blockbuster games: Starcraft II, World of Warcraft…

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