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Portrait of Luthien

Luthien (Digital Speed Painting Portrait) by Veronika VK7 - Img 1

Original presentation for this portrait of Luthien (she looks like a bit like Keira Knightley to me). We don’t watch the full painting in accelerated mode but in slides. Whatever name the portrait is gorgeous anyway! It is made by VeronicaVK7. Tool used: Photsohop Prints on canvas are available in limited editions : Screenshots of the portrait (you can…


THE BOXTROLLS Trailers - Img 11

The new 3D animated feature from LAIKA Studios tells the tale of the Boxtrolls, monsters who live underneath the charming streets of Cheesebridge. The first video brings us into the making of. The Boxtrolls is based on the novel ‘Here Be Monsters’ written by Alan Snow. It will be released in the cinemas on September 26th. Some screenshots…

THE LAST TRAVEL – Short animated movie

THE LAST TRAVEL - Pole 3D students - Img 8

THE LAST TRAVEL is a very well made, full of emotions short animated movie. The movie has been designed by students of Pole 3D, a school specialised in visual effects and video games design. Synopsis: A retired pilot wants to fly again. Software: Autodesk Softimage for 3D (modeling, UVs, animation, setup, lighting, rendering). ZBrush for sculpting (Character,…

Daniel Dahn showreel

Daniel Dahn showreel - Img 6

This is the showreel of Daniel Dahn, a freelance motion designer based in Norway, working with commercials and short films. More about his work @ Some screenshots of the showreel:

Interview of Phade01, concept artist @ Guerilla Games

Pirate Dirigable by Phade01

I am really impressed by the work of Erik van Helvoirt (Phade01). He works as a concept artist at Guerrilla Games (Killzone Shadow Fall …) I was very glad when he accepted to answer our interview: [YourCavern Blog] Are you using Photoshop, if yes which version? Any other illustration tool please let me know. [Phade01] I often use…

CHIARI 3D Animation Studio

Chiari 3D - Img 1

Here are some short and nice videos by the studio Chiari 3D, showing their talent. CHIARI 3D Animation Studio is a dynamic and passionate 3D studio based near Perpignan in France. They produce 3D images and broadcast animations for international customers and for various projects: 3D Animation for Commercial Animation, Entertainment Animation, Post Production, Character Animation, computer games and…

WATCH_DOGS graphics

WATCH_DOGS graphics - RealVision HD - Img 1

By RealVisionHD (former  SkyrimTuner) the beautiful  graphics of the blockbuster WATCH_DOGS. Settings of his PC: RealVision SweetFX v1.31. SweetFX 1.5 preset to enhance visuals. Recorded with PlayClaw in 2560×1440. Screen captures of the video:

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